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Project Areas

  1. improved cookstoves (fuelwood, charcoal, rice hull stove) in the household
    • on going data gathering of 1,000 kitchen in the households; baseline data of women in biomass energy in 10 villages in the poor communities
  2. institutional stoves in micro-enterprise such as bakery, candy factory, rice cake industry, restaurants, etc.)
    • provides assistance to micro-entrepreneurs in the improvement of the biomass soves and kitchen to abate indoor air pollution and improve health of workers and promote sanitation and hygiene
  3. rice hull gasifier
    • assists our partner-inventor-entrepreneur Engr. Alexis Belonio in the promotion and marketing of the rice-hull gasifier which he invented after we have sent him to participate in the ARECOP-sponsored workshop on gasification
  4. improve kitchen
    • Engr. Dioscorro Maraņon Jr. helped us in the preparation of the kitchen improvement manual which we will publish in the coming month
  5. rainwater harvester
    • Habitat for Humanity -Mindanao through Mr. Boyet Macorot has included rainwater catchment as part of the houses built under in the Habitat communities
  6. solar disinfection
    • solar disinfection or SODIS has been promoted and practiced in the households in remote areas where there is incident of water-borne disease
  7. biogas
    • with the increase in the price of LPG and kerosene, biogas is promoted in bckyard piggery for cooking fuel