06 Apr 2020

5 mantras for meditation

Mantras for meditation
5 mantras for meditation

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, gave a talk on peace when he was only 4 years old. Later on, he has inspired many people to peace building. Through his book entitled “When the Desert Blooms”, he has helped millions of people to discover their inner potential and get a new hope in life. His unique message of peace is known “peace is possible.”

Other people use meditation mantras to establish inner peace and mind tranquility. Meditation mantras are meant to be repeated many times to have an impact on the practitioner. If you have never used them to change your life, here are 5 mantras you can use for your meditation.

Discover 5 mantras for meditation

1. “Ohm, Ohm”

When talking about meditation mantra, the first thing which comes to mind is “OM, Ohm, or AUM.” It is the most common mantra used by meditation practitioners. As you chant “Om”, you send out waves of powerful vibration. It is also considered by the wise men as the manifestation of spirit into matter. It can fill you with inner strength from the universe.

2. “I shall overcome”

The mantra “I shall overcome” makes you feel positive once you say it. As you repeat it, envision how you will gain a victory over any difficulties you encounter. This mantra may be used when dealing with various situations, including a job interview, an oral presentation, or an exam. When you are faced with a problem, this mantra will help feel peaceful in mind and regain strength to face the situation. It will gradually fill your mind with positivity as you repeat the mantra.

3. “I am cool”

This is a great mantra to start your day or to get ready for a meeting with a special person. “I am cool”can activate your Heart Chakra. As a result, it makes you feel relaxed and overcome nervousness before meeting with your date, your students, your colleague, or meeting any other important people. Imagine yourself as a levelheaded and calm individual as you repeat this mantra. It fills your heart with nonchalance and eases tension.

4. “I am strong”

Keep chanting “I am strong” during your daily meditation in order to boost physical and mental strength. If you do not feel good, or if you feel exhausted after your daily routines, say this mantra and you will become energetic.

On the other hand, if you feel rather pessimistic or disappointed, keep saying “I am strong” many times and you can change your negativity into a great potential to stand firm against all challengers. This mantra enables you to regain confidence and control of the situation. Envision a great strength is given onto you, your mind and body, as you reiterate the mantra.

5. “I am kind”

Repeating this mantra reinforces thoughtfulness in your existence, in spite of the adversities of the surroundings. Saying “I am kind” during your morning meditation helps you to boost your kindheartedness and humanity. Therefore, it triggers acts of kindness and charity. Carrying out philanthropic activities is essential to harness sympathy and benevolence.

You can show your gentleness by giving alms to the poor in the neighborhood. However, you can also join an association. If you do not know which humanitarian organization to join, you can serve as a volunteer with The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). This foundation works for peace and gives food aid and socio-economic support to the deprived people in many parts of the world.