27 Mar 2020

10 Beautiful Mantras for Peace

Mantras for Peace
10 Beautiful Mantras for Peace

Several people nowadays complain about the stressful life. The fight for survival and the hectic schedule at work are combined with the other duties in the family. In general, workers spend almost 8 hours a day, from 9 to 5. At home, each individual spends several hours in the kitchen doing the chores and other housework, to have a peaceful life.

The peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, has helped millions of people regain their inner strength and hope through his teachings about peace. Other people have used meditation mantras to regain mind tranquility.

What meditation mantras are?

Practicing meditation for at least 10 or 15 minutes a day helps reduce stress and improve the cardiovascular system. Those who benefit regularly reduce their risk of getting stressed out and experiencing stroke and feel healthy. In addition, this enables them to extend their life span.

A mantra is a phrase or a word, which is repeated again and again to focus one's attention on the inner being. It can be also chanted many times to induce the power in the word in the practitioner. Besides, a mantra helps close the door to the outside world, in order to emphasize on the Self.

Discover 10 beautiful mantras for peace

1. Ohm

The most popular mantra is ‘Ohm', which means ‘It Is, Will Be or To Become'. The sound denotes the sound of the universe. It is considered to be the original vibration of the universe. In addition, it also represents the cycle of life, which is birth and death. Chanting the low frequency sound of the universe helps to calm down the spirit.

2. I am that I am

This is the name of God that he revealed to Moses. By repeating this meditation mantra, you can find inner peace as calling for God's presence in your life will help you stay peaceful and relaxed in spite of worries.

3. Pure heart, love

With a pure heart, you can easily forgive the others and show love to everyone. The more you love your surroundings, the more positive energy will be attracted to you, which is transformed into inner power. Repeat the mantra many times and transform your heart into a pure one, filled with love.

4. I sing, I win

This mantra is often used by Christian warriors when they are faced with a huge challenge in life. Singing helps the mind become peaceful, and the heart feels peace. Keep repeating the mantra to attract positive energy when faced with a hardship. Then, it is definitely necessary to sing a few songs after.

5. I forgive, I'm forgiven

This beautiful mantra focuses on the value of forgiveness to establish relationship and promote tolerance. In front of imperfections, it is possible to make mistakes in life. Yet, if an individual forgives the iniquities of their friends, their errors will be also tolerated and forgiven.

6. Om Namah Shivaya

The word implies that the meditation practitioner is bowing to the Hindu god Shiva, who is the highest self. The meditation mantra is widely used among Hindus.

7. I am loved, I love

Feeling that God loves unconditionally, it is necessary to love our surroundings in return, despite their flaws and character defects.

8. Lumen de Lumine

Lumen de Lumine is the chant which is designed to call for the light to illuminate the path through life. The mantra fills the practitioner with light, which helps defeat negative energies and the evil eye. This is a popular Buddhist mantra.

9. Faith, hope, ability

Faith requires belief in the Supreme Being, and hope means seeing the invisible life or the unseen future. With belief and faith, anyone can perform even the most difficult tasks.

10. Ho'oponopono

This mantra is popular among Hawaiian meditation practitioners. The words are used to declare love to another person, to ask for forgiveness; and to thank the person for forgiving you. In other words, the objective is to establish peace with the others through love, forgiveness and thanks. In brief, a mantra is done with faith. For the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, his mantra is “peace is possible.”